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Cantor Integrated Documentation : Week 3 and 4 Progress

Hello KDE people. First phase evaluations is due from today onward until 3rd of July. It has been coupe of weeks since I had posted about my project. I was quite busy writing code implementing the documentation panel for the various backends supported by Cantor. In the last post I have explained about how I generated the help files namely qhc (Qt Help Collection) and qch (Qt Compressed Help) from the documentation's source file. In today's post I will explain how I utilized Maxima's help files to actually display help inside the Cantor application itself. So here are the things done:- Things Done1. Implementation of Documentation Panel Cantor has dedicated panels for Variable manager and some general Help. So I have created a new panel dedicated to display the documentation of the backend which is currently active. To implement it, I have borrowed some basic code from the cantor/src/panelplugins and added widgets similar to any documentation help. I have added tabs for di…

Cantor Integrated Documentation : Week 1 and 2 Progress

Hello KDE people!! It's been almost couple of weeks of the coding period already, and it has been hectic already. I was mostly able to stick to the timeline I had proposed, just loosing couple of days here and there. None the less, I am here presenting my progress on the project. Things Done1. Creation of QHP file It stands for Qt Help Project. This is similar to xml’s file format. It contains the table of contents, indices, and references to the actual documentation files (*.html). This file is later passed to qhcp (Qt Help Collection File). It contains various tags like table of contents, section tag for defining the actual documentation, keywords tag for defining the indices for the documentation, files tag for listing all the files required. Click here for more details on qhp
For adding the keywords that will serve as the index for the documentation, I made use of the index.hhk file that is shipped with the official installation of Maxima. But, copying and adding each …