Cantor Integrated Documentation : Week 3 and 4 Progress

Hello KDE people. First phase evaluations is due from today onward until 3rd of July. It has been coupe of weeks since I had posted about my project. I was quite busy writing code implementing the documentation panel for the various backends supported by Cantor. In the last post I have explained about how I generated the help files namely qhc (Qt Help Collection) and qch (Qt Compressed Help) from the documentation's source file. In today's post I will explain how I utilized Maxima's help files to actually display help inside the Cantor application itself. So here are the things done:-

Things Done

1. Implementation of Documentation Panel
Cantor has dedicated panels for Variable manager and some general Help. So I have created a new panel dedicated to display the documentation of the backend which is currently active. To implement it, I have borrowed some basic code from the cantor/src/panelplugins and added widgets similar to any documentation help. I have added tabs for displaying Contents, Index and Search for the documentation. These widgets are populated by loading the help files using a QHelpEngine instance. Currently, Search functionality is yet to be implemented.

2. Display of documentation inside the Documentation Panel
I have kept the design as simple as possible. I have divided the display area into 2 halves, one half is the QTabWidget which displays the above listed widgets and the other half is the QWebEngineView, which I am using as a display area for the contents of the documentation. To make the display responsive to the events on the QTabWidget, I have connected the signals of the index and content widget to a slot which displays the contents in the View.

3. Context Sensitive Search Capabilities

I have successfully implemented the Context Sensitive Search capability. The user can now while in the worksheet, can select any keyword and then press F2 to show the relevant documentation about that topic. The QWebEngineView updates in real time.

User selected 'sin' and then pressed F2 to forward to the related documentation
On pressing F2 key while 'sin' keyword was selected, the index was filtered and the corresponding topic documentation was shown in the view area. 

For those interested in trying it out themselves and/or playing with the code, can clone my repository and build it from source. Here is the link to my repository on which I am working.

That's all folks for this time, until then, Good bye!!


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