Cantor Integrated Documentation : Month 2 Progress

Hello KDE people. Phase 2 evaluation is due from today onward until the 31st of July. In this blog  post, I will update you on the progress made during the second month of the coding period. So here are the things done:-

Things Done

1. Changed the layout  of the documentation panel
First of all, I have changed the basic layout of the panel altogether. Now it is much more attractive UI wise, more usable UX wise, and overall a good package with looks and features.  Here is how it looks like.
Documentation Panel
2. Add several minor widgets to improve the usability
  • "Search through keywords"  widget: This widget will be used by the user to search for help for particular keywords. This widget has a completer that displays the suggestions in real-time so that the user can reach the documentation for the intended keyword.
  • "Find in Page text"  widget: This widget will be used for string matching. It contains an input box where users can type in the word they are looking for on the current page. Matched strings are highlighted. Users can match case-sensitively or not based on their needs. This widget can also be used to find the strings forward or backward as the case may be.
  • "Zoom in/out"  action: User can change the zoom factor using SHIFT++/SHIFT-- to make the page comfortable to their eyes. They can also press the "Reset Zoom level to 100%" button to reset the zoom to 100%.
  • "Download images/gifs/pages"  context menu action: I have also added the ability to download the embedded images/gifs/HTML pages to local disk. The user just has to right-click on the resource and then press save. After a successful download, a message box confirms it.

3. Add documentation for Octave and Python as well

I have also created and added the Qt Help documentation files Octave and Python as well. These files are successfully used by the above panel and the documentation is displayed.

For those interested in trying it out themselves and/or playing with the code, can clone my repository and build it from the source. Here is the link to my repository on which I am working.

That's all folks for this time, until then, Goodbye!!


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